**NOW FULLY BOOKED*** ESERO Space Week Workshops at BCO

Rocket-ober’ with the new generation of Heavy Lifters. Explore how to make a model rocket that can lift more weight! (after all, we can’t get to the Moon with a small rocket!). Students in 3rd-6th class will have a chance to design and make a model balloon rocket to carry the largest possible load and will explore the science around forces and motion as they test their design. All visits include the hands on workshop as well as a star show and castle tour. Capacity is for two classes at the same time, activities will swap half way through your visit. Dates: Workshops are available daily from Wednesday October 4th to Friday October 13th. Price: For Space Week, these workshops are offered at the discounted rate of €5 per student To Book: Booking Closed. Workshops are fully booked. These workshops have been developed in collaboration with ESERO Ireland