• Space Week

    October 4th - 10th, 2021

    Explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) by organising or attending a Space Week event in your school or community.

  • Space Speaker

    Learn From The Experts

    From Astronauts to Space Lawyers, We Beam The Coolest Space Industry Professionals Directly Into Your Classroom!

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If you are a school, club, organisation or anyone organising an event for Space Week, you can quickly and easily add your event to the site to let people know about it.

Events can be large or small, public or private, free to enter or with an entrance charge - and we'll send you a FREE Space Week Kit to help!

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Get Your Free Jupiter Image!

Get a FREE unique image of Jupiter for your class! Captured by the large telescope at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, this photo will show your students the moons and storms of this beautiful gas giant. Follow the link for more information.

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