For Organisers

During Space Week, everyone in Ireland is invited to organise an event. Whether you’re a tiny club, a big classroom, a large organisation or a family interested in the wonders of the universe.

Those who want to attend events will find dozens to attend all around the country on this website.


We have downloadable resources and activities for every kind of group to help you plan and have fun with Space Week:


SFI Discover Centre Resources

If you’re a member of the SFI Discover Centre Network or a similar educational institution you already have an incredible wealth of knowledge to share with Space Week participants – We’re just here to lend a hand with adding a Space context to that expertise. Simply request a resource via the form below and we’ll send you a PowerPoint template that contains slides to help you add a Space angle to any lecture, or workshop you may want to run.


Applications closed for 2022. Contact us after Space Week if you wish to get ahead of planning for 2023.

Resource Request

Just let us know which resource you need and we'll let you know when it's ready to download
    Select a resource and we'll send you a Powerpoint Template that will help you add a Space context to your area of expertise