For Organisers

During Space Week, everyone in Ireland is invited to organise an event. Whether you’re a tiny club, a big classroom, a large organisation or a family interested in the wonders of the universe.

Those who want to attend events will find dozens to attend all around the country on this website.


We have downloadable resources and activities for every kind of group to help you plan and have fun with Space Week:


SFI Discover Centre Resources

Children in a classroom at an aquarium. The room is blue and gives the impression of being under the sea.

Space Week at Galway Atlantaquaria!

If you’re a member of the SFI Discover Centre Network or a similar educational institution you already have an incredible wealth of knowledge to share with Space Week participants – We’re just here to lend a hand with adding a Space context to that expertise. The Powerpoint Presentations below give some introductory slides on how seemingly unrelated topics can be viewed through the lens of “space”. Once you’ve considered them in this light you can then pivot back to your own domain expertise.

Satellites and Conservation – This Powerpoint is ideal as a way to pivot to talks/workshops on topics such as biodiversity, conservation, zoology, ecology, habitat protection, and more.

Sustainable Space – This presentation allows you to add some space science to topics such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, pollution, climate change, recycling and more.

If you feel these topics don’t relate to your Discover Centre, or if you just want to chat about an idea, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you create a Space Week experience for your Discover Centre.