For Families

Family Activities

Try a space taster! These short activities use everyday materials to promote family learning and fun.

Gas Planet Clouds

Find out how to represent the surface of the gaseous giants with our activity toolkit.

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Make a Spacecraft

Make a 'pop' rocket fly. Download our instructions and blast off!

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Make a Star Lantern

Project your favourite constellations on the walls. Download our handy toolkit to start seeing stars!

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Make Your Own Space Station

Create your own International Space Station model from recycled materials.

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Want to host a Star Party?

Download the BBC Stargazing Event Pack, with lots of advice and practical activities you can plan to host your Stargazing Event.

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Links & Resources

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    Explore the wonders of Space with fun activities from the European Space Agency!
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    Games, puzzles, competitions, colouring and more from the European Space Agency
  • Solar System Scope
    Free online 3D simulation of the Solar System and night sky.