ESERO Space Goes To School

ESERO Space Goes To School is a program that brings real Space Industry professionals to your Primary School classroom via videoconference, for FREE! Your students will have a chance to learn from these experts and to engage with them. We’ve had amazing speakers over the years, including former NASA Astronaut Dan Tani.

The programme is designed to stimulate an interest in Space, and science more generally, while seeking to dispel any bias the students may feel about who can or cannot be a scientist. We want all students to feel from an early age that they can be scientists if they want to.

Speakers are available to book for 30 minute online slots allowing for student Q&A time.  Please note – as these sessions will take place online  you will need a strong WiFi connection.

This programme is extremely popular and spaces fill up fast. To avoid disappointment and to be in with the best possible chance of securing a speaker for your class, we highly recommend you book early when programs are announced.

Register your interest in thie upcoming Engineers Week programme at this  link.

For an idea of the kind of speakers available through this program you can view the speaker profiles for Science Week 2022 below. Speakers will be offered according to availability.

It is a condition of participation that a small sample of your students complete a short evaluation survey. Accurate evaluation allows us to continue providing the program for free and ensures we can best amend the programme to serve your students’ needs. Priority consideration for future iterations of the programme, will be given to participants who complete and return evaluation surveys.

Sarah Lai

Research Scientist

Suited to: Primary

Available: Science Week

Sara has recently got her Masters of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. She works for Exotopic, a space consultancy, as the research scientist, supporting through a variety of project and leading the organisation of Mach-23 rocketry competition for universities all over the UK. Sara is excited to share her passion and promote the space sector!”

John E Ward

Space Product Manager at Réaltra Space Systems Engineering

Suited to: Primary

Available: Science Week

John E Ward is a Space Product Manager at Réaltra Space Systems Engineering, he has a PhD in experimental astrophysics from UCD and has carried out post-doctoral research for over six years working on ground-based gamma-ray telescopes in Arizona and La Palma, as well as cosmic-ray balloon experiments launched from the Swedish Arctic and Antarctica.
After his career in academia, JohnE worked as an applied physicist and business developer at a space start-up in Barcelona Spain which launched two nanosatellites as part of a constellation for Earth Observation, M2M communications, and aircraft tracking.

At Réaltra one of JohnE’s main roles is as project manager of the Independent Video Kit (VIKI), a camera system for launchers which recently flew on the Ariane 5 that launched the James Webb Space Telescope. Other roles include senior systems engineer for the ESA PLATO mission, and involvement in R&D projects including wireless communications for launchers and machine-learning applications in space.
He is passionate about growing the space industry in Ireland and supporting young scientists and engineers who wish to pursue a career in space here.

Lisa McNamee

Medical Officer with Irish Defence Forces

Suited to: Primary

Available: Science Week

Captain Dr. Lisa McNamee is currently serving as a medical officer with the Irish Defence Forces. She is the co-founder of Space Medicine Ireland, an outreach and research group in the field of Space Medicine. She has recently been awarded the Anita Mantri PhD prize for leadership and mentorship in aerospace medicine. In 2022, she has had research accepted to the Aerospace Medicine Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting, the International Astronautical Congress and the International Conference of Aerospace Medicine. She is an advocate for women in medicine through her mentorship of AccessMed Ireland. She holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and University College Dublin. She has completed Aerospace Medicine training through the European Space Agency’s Space Physician training course, the University of Texas Medical branch’s Principles of Aerospace Medicine course and King’s College London’s Introduction to Aerospace Medicine course.