For Teachers

For Space Week 2021 we have a wide array of resources and events specially for teachers. As well as the resources below, we are running a number of events that will help you to further develop your lessons plans and to assist you in using Space as a thematic approach to teaching several subjects. Teacher-friendly events will be added continually during Space Week, so be sure to search the registered events regularly for new opportunities in your area or online. For now, some key Space Week 2021 events for teachers include CPD for Primary Teachers, the ESERO Space Education Confluence for Junior Cycle Science Teachers, and the ESERO Space Careers Roadshow where you will have the opportunity to join an ESERO Ireland representative in a digital breakout room for a session on Space Education Resources.

The Universe in Your Classroom

Bring Space down to Earth with these activities. Choose one or a whole series of activities that can boldly take your class where no class has gone before! (ok – not really, these have all been tested and trialled). Each theme includes a variety of activities, with suggested class levels and a DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry overview.

Please Note: Using these resources in your classroom can be used as evidence towards the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Awards.

Sizes and Scales in the Solar System

How big is big and how do all those planets fit into the solar system?

The Solar System is a broad topic that can inspire children and stoke their imaginations on many different levels. As a theme it also provides an opportunity to teach across many areas of the primary school curriculum.

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How can the study of Mars help us understand our own planet?

Investigate the Red Planet with modelling & design and make activities

Download in English

Download in Irish

Engineering in Space

Astronauts and the International Space Station

Work as a Robotic Engineer for a space agency. A resource for teachers with ideas on how to use the International Space Station as a thematic frame for teaching a wide variety of topics, with an emphasis on Design and Make activities.

Download in English

Download in Irish

Sun and Shadows

Learn about our life-giving star

How can a shadow tell the time? How do clouds make it darker? Where is the Sun relative to us?


Light Pollution Toolkit

When does light become a problem?

Artificial Light is a reality of modern life, but what are the costs for us, for wildlife, and for our planet?


Engineering the Moon

The Moon is hostile to life. What will it take to stay there?

Investigate the challenges and solutions to visiting or establishing human settlements on the Moon.


Mission To The Moon

Prepare your students for their very own Space Mission!

This comprehensive resource shows you how to deliver a truly cross-curricular experience using a Moon Mission as a central theme.



What do satellites do for us?

Explore the science and technology of Satellites with activities for all ages of children


Space for Telescopes

Why do we put telescopes in space?

What engineering challenges must we overcome to do so? Explore the mathematics of mirror design.


Magnetic Sun & Space Weather

What is space weather?

Explore how magnetism and the Sun are related and learn how they cause space weather


Discovering Life in the Solar System

Would we recognise Life in the Solar System?

This resource from Science Week 2020 looks at microbes and how we know if something is alive.


Whole School Resources

Bring Space to your Junior Classes with this guide from Irish Teachers.
Download PDF


Bring Space into your whole week with this guide from ESERO UK.

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Moon Calendar

Watch the phases of the Moon change throughout the year and learn some interesting facts about missions to our nearest celestial neighbour

2nd Level Activities

Space Weather Forecast

How does the Sun and the space weather it causes affect our planet? Can we predict severe space weather?

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ExoWorlds in Focus

Compare our solar system (sizes and scales) to two other exoplanet systems; what is needed for a planet to be in the ‘habitable zone’?

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Science In Society Mars Debate

Should we send a human mission to Mars? With expert opinions from scientists, artists and lawyers around Ireland this resource presents tools for students to really think about a pressing question in the modern age of space exploration.

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Moon Activities

How and why does the Moon change each month? Practical modelling activities and downloadable images.

Moon Cycles

Moon Phases Wheel

Make a Moon Wheel to work out where to look to see each phase of the Moon (2 parts)

Moon Phase Wheel Moon Phase Pocket

Moon Headband

Where can the Moon be seen in the sky? Create your own headband to predict the position of the Moon. Video from the BCO Education Team.

Moon Headband

  • Solar System Scope
    Free online 3D simulation of the Solar System and night sky.
  • ESERO Ireland
    For Irish-curriculum-linked Space and STEM-themed resources.
  • AstroEdu
    Lots of Peer-Reviewed Astronomy Education Activities for all age groups.
  • Stellarium
    Bring the planetarium into your classroom! Explore most known objects in the night sky in any direction, by downloading this free software.
  • ESA Education: Teach with Space
    A large collection of space themed primary and second level resources.