For Clubs

Enrich your programmes with exciting space themed activities. Designed for clubs and groups outside of a formal school setting, these ideas will help you add a bit of stardust to your planning!

The Plough Clock

Discover how you can use the stars to tell the time at night.

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Draw a constellation

Design your own constellation using the eight stars of the Plough.

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Solar System Walk

Take your group on a walk from the Sun to Pluto via Uranus!

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Design a Mission Patch

Create your very own Mission Patch!

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More Ideas for Space Week

Want to host a Star Party?

Download the BBC Stargazing Event Pack, with lots of advice and practical activities you can plan to host your Stargazing Event.

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The Globe at Night

Help to spread awareness about the impact of light pollution on our view of the skies, with the Globe at Night.

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Discover More at Galaxy Zoo

You could help scientists to discover more about our Solar System and our Universe, with Galaxy Zoo.

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Solar System Scope

Free online 3D simulation of the Solar System and night sky.

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