Space Week TV

For Space Week 2023 we have prepared a suite of awesome shows for space enthusiasts of all ages!

We have a space art session, a night sky guide, and a fun workshop guide.

Space Week TV will be hosted on the Blackrock Castle Observatory YouTube account. Subscribe today to get notified of upcoming livestreams and new videos!


Wednesday 4th October: Space Art with BCO – Van Gogh!

This art session will pair an astronomy, history and art lesson into one amazing, fun-filled activity suitable for all ages! We’ll explore the link between Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and a famous Irish telescope. We’ll discover whether his representations of night skies were accurate. We’ll follow along as BCO’s Donna shows us how to replicate Van Gogh’s brush strokes to make a painting that pays tribute to the Dutch master! Learn more here.

Thursday 5th October: The Night Sky for Space Week

We’ll guide you through the night sky for Space Week, showing you how to identify some key constellations as well as how to find the planets Saturn and Jupiter, even without a telescope! Learn more here.

Friday 6th October: Eggstronauts!

Start the weekend right with a fun, but competitive, experiment where you will try to design a landing vehicle for an egg! Will your egg survive its journey through space or is it doomed to be scrambled?