Space Week TV

For Space Week 2024 we have prepared a suite of awesome shows for space enthusiasts of all ages!

We have a space art session, a night sky guide, and a new space-themed board game to share!

Space Week TV will be hosted on the Blackrock Castle Observatory YouTube account. Subscribe today to get notified of upcoming livestreams and new videos!


Friday 4th October: The Night Sky for Space Week

We’ll guide you through the night sky for Space Week. We’ll discuss the best times to view the Moon, how to identify some key constellations and even how to spot the planet Saturn. All of this and more, even without a telescope!

Monday 7th October: Space Art with BCO –  Dalí!

This art session will pair astronomy, environmental action, and an art lesson into one amazing, fun-filled activity suitable for all ages! We’ll explore Dalí’s famous “Persistence of Memory” as a way to consider the relationship between time and space. We’ll follow along as BCO’s Donna shows us how to use recycled materials to produce a Dalí-inspired work of art!

Tuesday 8th October: Terrestrial!

Join the BCO team for a video-playthrough of the brand new board game Terrestrial! The team’s spacecraft has been damaged and they need to find an Earth-like Exoplanet to land on. Will they safely make it or will they crash and burn? Tune in to find out!

Throughout the summer the team at MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory will be producing even more programming for Space Week TV so check back in September to see what new shows have been added to the mix!