Chasseur de Nuit

This event is over.

Date:Saturday October 12 2019

Time:10:00 - 16:30

Location:CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork

From October 12th to November 1st, CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory will feature a visiting exhibition from Chasseur de Nuit, in association with ESERO Ireland.

About The Exhibition:
An exhibition for the visually impaired… and for others!

Touching the sky

Evgen Bavcar, art philosopher, blind and photographer, born in 1947, said: “We must distinguish the visual, what our eyes see, from the visible, what our mind sees.”

Constellations are views of the mind, pure creations of the human imagination. The starry vault looks like a jumble of white dots, some very bright, others barely visible. The sky is a real chaos, in which men have tried to put some order by linking some stars together. The tenuous thread of the imagination thus furnished the firmament of V, W, T, squares, triangles, simple shapes that storytellers, poets and myth-creators later transformed into as many queens, princesses (Cassiopeia, Andromeda), chimeras (Dragon), mythical animals (Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Lion), heroes (Hercules, Orion).

Today, a new generation of printers has managed to give relief and texture to photographs, superimposing successive thin layers of ink. Thanks to this technique, the sky, the planets, the stars, the constellations can be brushed with the fingertips. The mind can recreate them, trace their original silhouette, reconstruct the imaginary journey that, from these primitive alignments, has resulted in the overpopulated sky of mythology. All the senses participate in the magic of the night, just try.
Constellations at your fingertips.


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