Eggstronauts Workshop

This event is over.

Date:Friday October 6 2023 - Friday October 13 2023


Explore forces such as gravity in this fun, albeit messy, activity.

We like to pair the eggstronaut activity with a straw rocket competition to add a competitive element, but you can leave this out if you want to. Customise the experience to suit your own desired learning outcomes.

If you want to include the straw rocket competition, offer a tiered budget for competitors to spend on their egg lander. If their rocket goes far they should be able to “buy” more materials than if their rocket falls short. Learn all about making straw rockets here.(See worksheet C)

To build the landers themselves, learners should consider forces like gravity, acceleration, and distribution of force. Is an egg more likely to smash at high speed or low? Is it more likely to break if it strikes the narrow end or a wider face? We can consider these questions and more when constructing our landers. Check out this ESERO Ireland resource to learn more. A Soft Landing Resource

Whatever kind of lander you make, have fun with it. And don’t forget to send us videos of how you did on the Space Week social media channels!