Live ‘Space Week’ Q&A with Dr. Norah Patten and Mark the Science Guy

This event is over.

Date:Friday October 8 2021

Time:11:30 - 12:00

Location:, YouTube Live

Join Dr. Norah Patten, aeronautical engineer and citizen PoSSUM Astronaut candidate and Mark the Science Guy, for a LIVE Q&A as part of WORLD SPACE WEEK 2021.

Ever wondered what it is like to train to go to space or what is happening in the world of space exploration right now? Do you have any space related questions you have always wanted to ask? Here is your chance to send in your questions or ask them live! Event will run live on Youtube. Questions can be sent in or Twitter/ Instagram @SpaceNorah and @MarktheScienceGuy

Get ready for Launch! Oct 8th, 11.30am
Live Link: