Maker-led, S.T.E.A.M. Workshops

This event is over.

Date:Tuesday October 4 2022

Time:Your choice!

Location:Online or In-Person, Anywhere

Our Place in Space >
How many of us have gotten a little silly when writing our address?
“Ireland, Europe, The World, The Solar System,” etc…
In this beautiful interactive virtual space voyage, we do that again. However, this time we actually will travel the stars as we fill out our cosmic address, gaining context for the meaning in each line.

Solar System Scale >
The sizes and distances of objects in our own solar system is extremely difficult to grasp – as an example Jupiter in our night skies is a tiny blob, but it’s much, much larger than Earth. It can be difficult to reconcile those truths. In this workshop, we learn through colouring and maths how the planets look, their real sizes in comparison to one another and their relative distances. These will be strung together to take home!

Orbital Observations >
Gain an understanding of the Einsteinian view of reality by subtracting a dimension! We reduce the fabric of space-time to the fabric of… Spandex! (really) By representing 3D space as a sheet of 2D Spandex, stretched over a frame, we demonstrate the way mass (like the planet we’re standing on) distorts space-time, creating the gravity that pulls other masses (like you and I) towards it.