Modelling the Solar System – Coláiste Éinde Style

This event is over.

Date:Thursday October 3 2019

Time:13:00 - 16:00
Running across 2 class periods and lunch time

Location:Coláiste Éinde, Threadneedle Road, Salthill, Co. Galway, Galway, Co Galway

Scale is often a hard thing to understand and fully appreciating and understanding the sheer size of our solar system (distances between each planet and distance of each planet from the sun) can be incredibly difficult.

To this end, we plan on modelling the solar system in our school.

First Year Students will construct both 2-d and 3-dimensional representations of the planets

They will use their understanding of measurement (use of trundle wheels etc) to map out the solar system on the school field demonstrating the distances between each planet and their distances from the sun.

Old-school demonstration but one that works really well for students.