Skype call with Aisling Shannon

This event is over.

Date:Tuesday October 9 2018

Time:10:30 - 11:00

Location:Caherconlish NS, Caherconlish

The school is looking forward to seeing and talking to Aisling Shannon via Skype. Aisling’s role at the European Space Agency is to ensure that the spacecraft gets to where it needs to go without breaking! The launch of a spacecraft is very tough from a mechanical perspective, lots of shaking and noise and some loud bangs! These shocks and vibrations are the main drivers for the mechanical design of the spacecraft. It is my responsibility to ensure that every part of the spacecraft is going to be able to survive the launch. A lot of analyses are performed to confirm this before we ever build anything.
Aisling will talk about her experience as an engineer at ESA and the students will show her their own space projects!