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Date:Monday October 2 2023

Time:10:00 - 18:00

Location:TU Dublin City Campus, Dublin

“SPACE CALLS”: Space Week is a project taking place leading up to, during and following Space Week 2023 in TU Dublin. The project will provide opportunities for dialogue amongst the public, STEM experts and
researchers, in the community, workplace and at university level, about topics in which STEM disciplines play a key role. The project aims to run a series of STEM activities and workshops before, during and following Space Week 2023 in TU Dublin and in the local community as well as in linked schools. The highlight event will be communicating with the International Space Station live using amateur radio during Space Week [4th – 10th October]. Primary school pupils will be selected from across the DEIS primary schools who engaged in the STEM: Try Five Project [2022-2023] for this communication with the astronauts.
Selected pupils will get the opportunity to undertake a Q & A session with the astronauts. “SPACE CALLS”: Space Week” in TU Dublin will provide a new and creative way to involve the wider community (particularly those in socio-economic disadvantaged communities), who would not typically engage with STEM, making use of space related themes and the primal fascination that humans have for space and what lies beyond. The “SPACE CALLS” project will enable a broad range of community organisations, including DEIS schools, youth groups, and community & adult education groups to engage with and participate in STEM with a focus on access, inclusion, and diversity.
Using a variety of approaches and activities such as guest speakers, lectures, workshops, sports, arts and entertainment, film, and competitions the project will inspire and create greater public awareness of the impact of STEM on society, with a focus on space science and exploration, and its connection and
contribution to everyday life. The project will build awareness, curiosity, and confidence in the scientific method through exposure to a range of activities and workshops, whilst also providing insights into STEM related careers, subjects and study opportunities at third level, breaking down barriers to entry, negative stereotypes and gender stereotypes.