Space Careers Roadshow – EIRSAT-1

This event is over.

Date:Monday March 27 2023

Time:10am - 12.45pm

Location:UCD Astra Hall, Dublin


Date: 27th March 2023
Time: 10am -12.45pm*
Location: UCD Astra Hall

Throughout the year, ESERO Ireland and MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory, run a series of Space Career Roadshows in conjunction with Science Foundation Ireland, and third-level partners. These roadshows provide TY, 5th year and 6th year students with an excellent opportunity to engage with space industry professionals so that they can get a taste of the exciting opportunities that a STEM career in Space has to offer.

This year, we are hosting a very special roadshow dedicated to the EIRSAT-1 project. This roadshow is run in partnership with UCD Centre for Space Research and is sponsored by UCD School of Physics and UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. EIRSAT-1 is Ireland’s first satellite! EIRSAT-1 is a cubesat with 3 Irish experiments onboard. You can learn all about the project from current and former members of the team at UCD at the upcoming roadshow. You can learn more about EIRSAT-1 at their website and via the video below.

This event is free to join but booking is essential. You are welcome to bring multiple classes, however in the interest of student safety we require that a minimum of one teacher be in attendance for every 30 students. We encourage you to bring more teachers should your school policy require it and will happily accommodate as many teachers as you require.


Maeve Doyle

Flight Software and Operations Scientist with the Educational Irish Research Satellite (EIRSAT-1) Team

Maeve is currently working as a flight software and operations scientist with the Educational Irish Research Satellite (EIRSAT-1) team. A key part of this job involves training and preparing EIRSAT-1’s operations team for launch and on orbit operations of the mission. This role follows on from her PhD with UCD’s School of Physics, which was completed earlier this year and was focused on flight software development and testing for the EIRSAT-1 mission. Prior to her PhD, Maeve undertook a research masters at UCD and a physics with astrophysics undergraduate degree at Maynooth University.



Bas Stijnen

Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters Degree in Space System Engineering

Bas has a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters Degree in Space System Engineering, both from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has practical industry experience with the Space Department of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, including project managing BRIK-II, a nano-satellite.

He took part in the International Space Studies Programme in 2018 and is now pursuing a PhD at University College Dublin in Mechanical Engineering and is working on EIRSAT-1.


Hannah Currivan

Research Analyst at Northern Sky Research (An Analysys Mason Company)

Hannah is currently a Research Analyst for Northern Sky Research – NSR (an Analysys Mason company). Her research covers the global space economy, space data traffic, government & military satellite communications, and maritime satellite communications. She provides grounded analysis on the most pressing issues enabling anyone who needs to better understand trends in the satellite & space industries. Hannah has worked in the space industry for the last 4 years, where she has been a space reliability engineer and a research analyst. Hannah has a BSc in Physics with Energy & Environment from the Technological University of Dublin, an MSc in Space Science & Technology from UCD, a Professional Certificate in Space Resources from ISU, Certificate in Business & Economics of Space from Sphere.





*Please note that the scheduled time may be subject to some minor changes but will be confirmed shortly.