Space Race: Costing the planets or advancing our own

This event is over.

Date:Monday October 7 2019

Time:13:00 - 15:00
Run during double science and lunch with 1st to 3rd years

Location:Borris Vocational School, Borris

Students will debate the issues surrounding the space race and if our eagerness to explore the unknown is history repeating itself. We have failed to gain control of our own destruction and careless infrastructural expansion on earth are we now at the starting blocks of repeating the same damaging cycle to other planets in our solar system. The media have highlighted the pollution on earth but are we aware of the pollution in space. Is humanity learning from its mistakes or are we blinded by the race for space and the race to space. Could however the answer to earth problems be found through the exploration of our solar system and the benefits to society. The students must debate there side of the story with evidence based arguments and be able to field questions from the opposition and the audience. The aim of the debates are to try and enlighten and awaken an interest in our solar system and not just the earth.