Space Week Events

This event is over.

Date:Friday October 4 2019

Time:09:00 - 16:00

Location:creagh college, gorey

We will be putting up a solar system in our Demo room -hanging them from the ceiling and measuring out distances between celestial objects so its all relative in distance
Junior cycle students will make models of the solar system so they can hang them or display them in the school or keep them for themselves.
All school students will be encouraged to enter the competition in naming the exoplanet.
We will have a lunch time talk about the life of an astronaut. Students will research the dangers and challenges astronauts may face. We will be playing Chris Hadfield in the background.
Another lunch student swill have to come up with a 3 minute video in groups of – each group will be given a task card- for example one maybe – that they ‘are astronauts that have been traveling to mars over the past 6 months- you are making a video to future astronauts to inform them of the realities of the job, difficulties and what life is like from day to day. ‘

We will display the various phases of the moon outside the science. Every junior cycle students homework will be to have a moon diary for a 27 day period. They will draw the phase of the current moon starting on oct 4th and they will draw they phase of the moon every night. From there they will then decide on what phase the moon is currently in each night. This will encourage students to be able to look at the night sky and read the phases of the moon.

Students in TY will do projects for space week – by making a news board using QC barcodes so students can scan them going past and have a read of various articles or view photos. for instance -‘What is a blackhole?’
They will also include on this board various scientist that have made an impact on space ie. Katie Bouman