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Date:Monday October 2 2023 - Tuesday October 10 2023

Time:09:00 - 00:00

Location:TU Dublin Grangegorman Campus, Dublin

Space Week is a project taking place leading up to, during and following Space Week 2023 in Technological University Dublin. The project will provide opportunities for dialogue amongst the public, STEM experts and researchers, in the community, workplace and at university level, about topics in which STEM disciplines play a key role. The project aims to run a series of STEM activities and workshops before, during and following Space Week 2023 in TU Dublin and in the local community as well as in linked schools.

Space Week 2023 in TU Dublin is an initiative supported by Workday, Inc., running from 2nd to 10th October, which is an opportunity for TU Dublin and Workday to deliver engaging, fun-filled and educational events and activities to prepare pupils and awaken a deeper interest in space and space travel.

During Space Week, 1,500 pupils will participate in STEAM and space-related workshops and activities on campus and in local schools, including the Mars Rover Challenge, Moon Rover workshop and Space Invaders. Workday is also supporting many STEAM-related competitions, including poetry, Women in Space, and drawing.

Six DEIS primary schools are involved in Space Week activities, ensuring that science education is imaginative, engaging, playful, and challenging for pupils. The Dublin schools involved are Sacred Heart Killinarden, Gardiner Street Primary School, Stanhope Primary School, St. Paul’s Brunner Primary School, St. Mary’s Primary School, and St. Gabriels National School. In addition, students from six local DEIS secondary schools are also participating in workshops on campus.

As part of Workday’s support of TU Dublin Space Week, a celebratory event will also take place on October 6th in TU Dublin with prize-giving, movies and guest speakers. Workday’s support for Space Week in TU Dublin further promotes science education as imaginative, engaging, playful and challenging for all