There and back again: A Universe’s tale

This event is over.

Date:Monday October 9 2023

Time:8pm - 9.45pm
Start time is 8 pm prompt, so please arrive 10 minutes early.

Location:A Cork Astronomy Club public lecture held in UCC’s Ashley Cummins Building, Cork

The story of our Universe has been unfolding for 13.7 billion years, but the pages of this story have only been accessible to us for the last 59 years. Join us as UCC’s Dr Mark Kennedy tries to get through 13.7 billion years of history in 50 minutes (at a whooping pace of 274 million years per minute!)

About the speaker: Dr Kennedy lectures in UCC’s School of Physics, and is working on the “Invisible Monsters” project, attempting to find the hidden population of black holes using machine learning and next generation all-sky surveys.