Space Image

Every year, with support from ESERO Ireland, we offer your class the chance to receive their very own, unique, space image. These images are captured by the research staff at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory using a large, 16 inch diameter telescope that can see almost half way back to the beginning of the known universe*! (*Because light takes time to reach us, everything we see in the sky is an image from the past. For instance, by the time the light from our Sun reaches us, it has been travelling for about 8 minutes.)

This year, we will be imaging the most famous of the ringed planets; Saturn. This beautiful gas giant is the furthest away planet that can be seen with the naked eye. It will look quite like a faint star in the night sky. It is visible in the night sky throughout Space Week, but it will be quite low on the horizon. If you venture out on the 7th of October, it will be visible due south at 8pm, between the Moon and Jupiter. Jupiter will look like a very bright star in the southwest. See the image below:

Every school that requests an image will receive a photo of Saturn unique to them. In the image, you will be able see the distinctive rings, with much more clarity than your average telescope. We’ll also forward you an information packet about the planet and space missions that have visited this incredible planet, with activities from ESERO and ESA to support learning.

To get your photo of Saturn, simply fill in the form below. We’ll add you to the Space Image program and send your school a new Space Image for Space Week annually. You’ll also be entered into a draw to potentially win a telescope for your school!

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